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Dick vs Microsoft


I’ve subscribed to Dick Morrell’s RSS feed for donkeys now, partly cos I find his rants entertaining and mainly because they contain some useful information about interesting OSS projects, heck I even used and donated to Smoothwall in the days before cheap ADSL routers and still use smoothwall/IPCop as a quick way to get some basic firewalling into my VM test environments.

I first encountered Dick when he was at Smoothwall and his inter-personal skills were highly entertaining, if a little tactless when dealing with people on their mailing lists/IRC (I’m sure there’s an archive somewhere if you are interested)

When I saw his post about Eileen Brown* on Monday I wondered how long it would be before the buns started flying, I’ve met Eileen a couple of times and was quite sure she wouldn’t just let it slide.

But does it really warrant legal action? can’t we all get along </hippy mode> I’ve seen far worse & personal come from Dick’s hand to others on the net!

Linkage here so you can make your own mind up…. maybe my signed Smoothwall Xmas card will be worth something on eBay now 😉  and  and

*Another blog I follow as it’s very useful for Exchange stuff

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