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Yeah Web 2.0 makes your life easier

Have to admit it I’ve been a bit slow to get on the whole 2.0 bandwaggon – YouTube/Facebook/Blogging other than following a lot of blogs for a couple of years.

But I have now arrived, and found a use for some of it 😉

I recently purchased a Blackberry 8800 from eBay to try it out.

I’ve always been a Treo or Windows Mobile user and hated Blackberry with a passion; mainly because I don’t like the way you have to have an extra data “service” to use their forwarders and a BES etc.. but thought I’d check out the new Blackberry handsets as colleagues seem to rave about them (thats a whole future post..)

Anyways;  the handset had a fault which is tricky to explain but easier to demonstrate. It seems to stem from a loose connection and the handset reboots itself when tapped in a certain way.

So, rather than risk sending it back and the vendor not understanding or being able to reproduce the fault. I took a quick and dirty video using my digital camera (finally found a use for that feature ;)). and uploaded it to YouTube – sent the link to the vendor and they agreed it looked faulty and would need replacing.

No hassle, no argument no fuss and it was an easy way to show them how to repro the fault without being there in person.

video here if you are interested (might want to turn off the sound my voice sounds awful IMHO!) 😉

Anyways big recommendation for Phone Efficient who sell reconditioned/new handsets via eBay… great service and quick to respond, and refunded the return postage costs. Very recommended!

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