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Scoble Reviews Amazon’s Kindle


Robert Scoble gives the new Amazon Kindle a lashing.. here

My take; for me I can’t see the point of it.. wouldn’t Amazon be better investing in electronic books that can be read on PC’s or phones, PDA’s etc. – rather than building a limited device locked to one web service an iPhone/iPod touch or Asus Eee would have a good screen for this kind of use.

I’d rather spend a bit more on a decent multi-functional device rather than another bit of gadgetry to lug about with its related chargers etc., would guess most people that would use one of these are also likely to have at least a mobile phone or a laptop – Joe consumer is probably more likely to buy a paper book surely?

Scoble is normally pretty positive about most stuff (even if the rest of us think it’s a bit pointless), guess he really doesn’t like the Kindle!

Will be interesting to see when the hardware hackers manage to use it’s in-built cellular data services – which seem to be a flat rate as Jerry Pournelle points out

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