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Floating Data Centres – Arr Shiver Me Timbers..


Interesting ideal posted here about a company build floating datacentres on old container ships. plenty of water for cooling and bio Diesel for power and land docked for power/connectivity.

Combined with a fluid infrastructure (no pun intended!) based virtualized systems  as proposed on blade watch, and you have a portable datacentre. in the event of disaster VMotion all your VMs to another ship and move, when you get there bring them back.

Also a further advantage would be with a global energy market in flux, it does give you the option to move your Data centre to an entirely different country which may have cheaper power rather than an investment in bricks and mortar which is hard-tied to the local power grid.

if you could get good ship to shore comms with high bandwidth you could maybe do away with the land tether for reasonable periods of time to keep running whilst you relocate, or even keep it outside a nations waters for legal reasons – like they tried at Sealand (and) in the English Channel, wow a real container load of pr0n 🙂

Not without practical problems, but Interesting

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