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Live VM Migration Without Shared Storage?


This looks interesting, uses p2p storage syncing to allow live workloads to be moved between VM Hosts.

Would be a very interesting tech, you could build a large VM compute farm with cheap DAS storage without having to invest in “proper” shared storage such as a fibre channel SAN or iSCSI.

Considering even a DL360/380g5 can take about 800Gb of SCSI/SAS disk these days that’s a lot of storage for replicated/sync’d VMs.

Wonder if VMWare have something in the pipleline to compete, We often see the cost of the shared storage as a big blocker to building VM farms, servers can be obtained relatively cheaply and allow you to easily scale out horizontally, SAN’s not so much as you need to invest upfront in the fibre switching/shelves to allow you to scale out, it’s not so easy to do it incrementally – if you can just buy cheap incremental servers with DAS and just add them into a farm that’s quite appealing; to me anyway.

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