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Google Apps Goes After Hosted Sharepoint


Interesting new Google beta here called sites.

looks to be a Sharepoint type setup for sharing documents and information and doing all that collaborative stuff thats so expensive and complicated on a Microsoft platform..

Check it out..part of the Google Apps “family” stuff like this is really going to start eating into Microsoft’s margins for the SME space and it’s easy to see why they’ve got their own competing products getting off the ground.

Wonder how much of this platform is virtual/web services etc.

One response to “Google Apps Goes After Hosted Sharepoint

  1. Joe Pringle April 20, 2008 at 7:32 pm

    Google sites is a nice start, but it’s still not quite there yet as an enterprise grade tool or for organizations who aren’t on Google Apps, or with organizations who need to collaborate with partners and clients on projects. For example, having to create a personal Google account is a big barrier for inviting new users. In the meantime, there are still great options out there that do a much better job (IMO, I’m biased) of facilitating team collaboration. If you’re trying to work with a group of relatively unsophisticated users, you should check out
    . It focuses on simplicity and doing the basics in the simplest way possible.

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