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I had my 2nd attempt at the VMWare FastTrack course last week (the 1st attempt was cut short due to power problems, and I’ve only just managed to find the time to reschedule).

The course went ok, the 1st 2 days were a bit dull as I’d already sat through them once; the course has been restructured since and is now contiguous through the 2 books, in the 1st attempt we were jumping back and forth as the Fast Track course is the Install & Configure and DSA course mashed together.

I found the pace ok, infact I could probably have been pushed a lot harder, as such I didn’t find it as “intensive or extended hours” – we finished by at least 5.30 most days and earlier some other days – the last day did feel a bit like treading water as it was quite spread out.

Wasn’t overly impressed by the facilities at QA-IQ’s Roseberry Ave – could do with a lick of paint, some better lighting and A/C that works properly. In all fairness it did look like they were in the middle of refitting it. More importantly the instructor was good and the kit/resources worked as required – no free lunch though 😉

No VCP exam voucher is included with QA-IQ as you get at DNS arrow – considering the QA and DNS courses are virtually the same price I think that’s a bit cheap – so you may want to check with your vendor before booking.

There is a lot of team working in building up DRS clusters and doing HA etc. and you have to have sat the course in order to be officially certified as a VCP.

I sat my exam yesterday morning and passed – not by as much as I’d have liked, but I was a bit lazy and didn’t do much (any) specific exam prep – there were a whole load of questions on a particular subject that I had not revisited since the course* and I fell foul of the “mark for review” option where you can go back at the end and can review/change your answers before submitting the exam – several of them from correct to incorrect as I later worked out – d’oh I learnt (and subsequently) forgot that from my MCSE exam days – if you don’t know 100% your 1st instinct was probably right.

Ah well, another one down – must get round to updating my MCSE too.. I quite like the certification exams, it’s just finding the time to learn the MS/VMWare answers and I’m lucky that English is my 1st language as I think a lot of the cert questions (not just VMWare – MS, Cisco etc.) are more about English comprehension and understanding what they are actually asking in order to answer correctly.


*As usual I had to sign an NDA, so no I can’t say what they were – sorry

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  1. Eric Sloof July 1, 2008 at 9:48 am

    Congratulations, now you can join the VMware LinkedIn VCP group. 😉

    Members of this group have gained the in-depth skills and industry-recognized certification on VMware technology. The VMware Certified Professional Program is designed for everyone who wants to demonstrate their expertise in virtual infrastructure and increase his potential for career advancement. If you are a VCP you can join this group.

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