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VMWare Workstation 6.5 Release


I’ve been running the beta versions for a while and have been impressed with the new Unity feature; finally matching what Parallels for the Mac has had for ages.

my previous posts here and here and how it is particularly useful for running more than one version of Outlook.

As ever, clean uninstall of the beta and reinstall of the RTM code, performance is excellent now, and Unity seems to work very well.

Quick (content obscured) screen shot below of how well it integrates into the desktop, even works with the Flip-3D feature in Vista


Unity icon colour is configurable image and I notice there are a load of per-VM configuration settings for how you can mark Unity presented windows.


Good stuff – Unity is definitely the killer feature that allows you to seamlessly run apps on a single desktop, wonder is this available in ACE/Player and would be good if you could do this in future with Linux apps onto a Windows desktop.

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