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1 Month to VMworld Europe 2009


It’s now almost one month until the start of VMworld Europe, this is the 2nd outing for the European event which is being held in Canne, France.

If you’ve never been to one of these events and work in a technical capacity I would heartily recommend it,with the current financial climate and awful GBP/EUR exchange rate it’s harder than ever to convince your employer to send you or to find the cash yourself, if it helps – this is a previous article I wrote about this sort of event and the benefit you’ll get from it. If you’re a VCP you also qualify for a significant discount as Mike has already covered here

I’ll be blogging from the event itself, and VMware are starting to post details of sessions here, there aren’t too many non-vmware/sponsor sessions posted up yet; hopefully that will happen soon – it’s always good to have a bit of an independent perspective and both VMware and Microsoft haven’t disappointed in this type of thing before.

I’ will also be attending for partner day and will post whatever I am able to (subject to any NDA’d material) – I’ll be following the technical track.

If you have 5 mins it’s definitely worth visiting the site – there will be lots of material posted up during the event if you aren’t able to make it in person and there is also a good community-focused site at with it’s own social network.

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