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VMworld Session Builder/Auto-Generator


There is an automated session builder for VMworld, which lets you build up your sessions and export them into various calendar formats (Outlook, iCal etc.) I couldn’t find any navigation to this from the VMware homepage or site – but thanks to Virtual Aleph I managed to find a link, strange.

The link you are looking for is here, it does all seem a bit disjointed from the site, maybe its not meant to be released yet as Manlio says he was notified by email – but it worked for me and I have some sessions scheduled now, lots to choose from, so little time 🙂 maybe VMware will consider a 4 1/2 day format like Microsoft use for TechEd in future.

If you can’t do the auto-schedule, you may have too many sessions in your interests section, by my reckoning there are about 16 session slots; the schedule for Thursday PM hasn’t been announced as they will be re-running the most popular sessions – would expect an announcement late Weds/early Thurs on this.

Export options..


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