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VMworld Europe Day 1: Wrap-Up


The first official day kicked off at VMworld, I covered the keynote this morning and have written up the more interesting sessions that I attended now that I have access to power again 🙂

Crowding isn’t as bad as I’d anticipated and getting about is pretty easy, the aircon could do with being a bit cooler as it got a bit sticky towards lunchtime. Queues to sessions are manageable and they have opened up bigger rooms & auditoriums than were used on Partner day. I was relieved to see that most of the queues you see are waiting for the session to open – I’ve not seen many people turned away from the sessions I attended.

I spent some time in some private meetings with Microsoft & VMware today around general virtualization things – reception drinks were popular in the solutions exchange and I think I eat way too much 🙂

The following are the more detailed posts I’ve done on sessions I attended;

Because I can’t possibly write everything up (well, it’s a decision between sleep and blogging…) here are some links to other bloggers with good content

vCenter Data Recovery

A view from afar

Techhead does VMworld Europe Day 1 – keynote

if you are at VMworld there are some interesting vendors in the solution exchange, I recommend you check out;

HP – Flex 10 blade interconnects on display

Novell/PlateSpin have a large stand covering their management & migration product suites

Zeus – software based traffic manager (more info here)

Veeam win the award for most lurid green (and sheer number of people on their stand 🙂

ioko – because I work for them and I’ve put a lot of effort into this whole vCloud thing 🙂

If you’re not here in Cannes I will endeavour to post up some of the interesting bits from my discussions with these vendors, maybe even a video 🙂

More tomorrow, must sleep.

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