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modl.fault.MethodNotFound error when adding ESXi host to vCenter


I have been gradually rebuilding my home lab and adding a new HP ML115 G5 server (which is capable of running the new FT feature) as I plan to build an ESX inside ESX cluster to run an FT implementation on a single box (info on how to do that here).

Once I had installed my virtual ESXi hosts I ran into a problem trying to add them into vCenter as hosts,  I kept getting an error modl.fault.MethodNotFound and an error about SSL certificates.

I tried several reinstalls, re-creating the VM and even a clean install of vCenter to no avail, following some twitter suggestions I downloaded a newer build of ESXi (build 171294) – and it worked 1st time. the build I was using was the one I downloaded on GA day (build 140815), so moral of the story is that it’s always worth checking the website for updated builds.

When you do this, it’s also worth updating to the latest vSphere client, I found some oddities in the UI that resulted in a red cross while trying to enable a VMKernel port to act as the FT logging interface.

I also have some problems enabling the VUM plug-in on that machine so hopefully a client upgrade fixes that.

It looks like all of the products (ESX-classic, ESXi, vCentre) have significantly updated builds released since GA.

Screenshot showing 3 x physical hosts and 2 x virtual ESXi hosts in a cluster – all managed by a single vCenter instance


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