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Get a move on and do your VCP4 upgrade


If you are a VCP3 you’ll need to get a move on and upgrade your certification to VCP4 unless you have time to sit (and pay for) some classroom training next year – you need to have passed the exam before December 31st 2009 (i.e in 43 days time!)

Also bear in mind there might be a bit of a rush – anyone else remember the NT4 MCSE –> one-shot Windows 2000 upgrade exam? there will be a lot of people in the same boat as you (and I!) and time is running out, this is especially a problem if you only have access to a limited number of testing centres where you live as they will be getting booked up.

As some insurance VMware are also offering a free re-take at present; but there is a catch – you have to wait for a voucher to be emailed to you before you can book your exam with free re-take option – and it says the Friday following your registration – so bear this delay in mind if you want to take this option.

If you are a VCP3 you should have received an email from VMware with a link to register for

For the official word on what you need to do – go here – you’ll also need your VMware myLearn username and password (which is recoverable from the site if you’ve forgotten it)

You can register for the 2nd shot option here

It seems a bit odd, but you need to register for this “virtual class” to be issued the voucher (screen cap of successful registration below..)


I am now waiting for my voucher via email* so I can register for my VCP exam with free re-take option – check this post for links to my study materials and another plug for Simon Long’s excellent resources here, oh and I need some time to take the exam as well 🙂


*You may want to check the email address registered with your myLearn account is valid/correct

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