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It’s voting time..


Eric Siebert runs which is a handy site listing popular blogs about vSphere; I’ve been on the list for a while but Eric is running a poll to determine the top 25 virtualization bloggers.

if you are feeling generous towards this site *cough* you may find this link useful 🙂

if it helps to remind you, or you haven’t seen them before – these are my most popular posts this year;

10 node virtual ESXi cluster on a trolley

How to deploy Windows 2008 server with a template in vCenter

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Cheap vSphere server

Comparing disk I/O of virtual machines on SSD and SATA disks with IOmeter

“Lost” iSCSI LUN

Performance of cheap vSphere server

How to enable FT for a nested VM (a VM running on ESX inside ESX)

Applying Agile methodologies to Infrastructure – virtualization is your friend

Using virtualization to extend the hardware lifecycle

VMware ESX 5 – what would you like to see

My VMworld Europe 2009 posts (list courtesy of Duncan Epping)

Redesigning Active Directory for 2010 and beyond











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