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Top Marks for Amazon Customer Services


I have been doing some experimenting with a cheap-ish SSH drive that I purchased last year; over the last week it has become unreliable and got to the stage where I could no longer remove any partitions, even using DBAN and clean OS installs reported a disk error.

It was past the 30 day normal returns window but had a 2-year warranty – quick email to Amazon customer services and they replied within 30mins that they had shipped out a replacement drive and I just need to return the faulty one within 30 days.

True to their word it arrived before 10am the following day (a Saturday, no less) – 18hrs from 1st reporting the fault, brilliant!

I’ve also been an Amazon prime subscriber for about a year now and it’s been well worth the cost (c.£50/year) as I get almost everything delivered next day included in that flat annual subscription (marketplace stuff isn’t included). if you are lucky enough to live in a covered area it also has special (extra cost) options for getting certain items delivered at specific evening/weekend times – which is very handy if you are having things delivered to home rather than work

It’s got to the stage now that I find Amazon so convenient that I use it for a lot of stuff now, even if I could get it slightly cheaper elsewhere – the quick delivery and general no-hassle returns/order management make it worthwhile for me, plus they are usually very competitively priced.

Easy to see why they are so successful!

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