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Bloggers, keep an eye on your RSS feed validity

I had an issue recently where my RSS feeds were not being picked up correctly by the PlanetV12n aggregator, I have never really had any problems in the past but as of a post last week it stopped passing through the article title to the PlanetV12n and thus it’s twitter feed(s).

I had not made any changes recently other than publishing content but I guess somewhere down the line between my blog and feedburner more strict validation settings had been turned on – had I not spotted the problem via twitter it would probably have continued without my knowledge.

If you are a Feedburner customer I would recommend checking out and subscribing to the FeedMedic and FeedBulletin features which will alert you straight away to any problems in processing your feed, if like me you no longer have much time in your daily workflow to work through your RSS feeds you may be interested in which is a free online service that emails contents of RSS feeds to your email address (which in my case doubles to my mobile phone) – you can point this as the unique URL of your FeedBulletin service to be alerted to any problems via email as soon as they are picked up.

You can also manually check the validity with this online tool

As an aside, I was pleased to see that several hundred people subscribe to my FeedBurner RSS feed, as it’s a while since I last checked and apologies for the interruption to service.

normal service should now be resumed (hopefully)…

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