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HP Blade iLo and Internet Explorer 8 Problems


Whilst HP kit is still very good and despite the disappointing iLo performance I have noticed a further annoyance, there seem to be a number of incompatibilities between the HP Blade iLo’s, blade chassis virtual connect modules and Internet Explorer 8, they all work ok on IE7, so hopefully an update will be coming soon

Blade iLo – if you need to use the Fxx keys like F2 to configure an ESXi host or F12 to shutdown it doesn’t map into the iLo session but either doesn’t work or is trapped by the local IE8 browser – you can work around this by going into the iLo web-administration page and mapping hot-keys manually for now.



However, the mouse-over/help items don’t work at all in Virtual Connect Manager with IE8, works fine on IE7; not a major issue but it is a bit of a pain.


I noticed all of this on the following OA hardware/firmware revisions – hopefully there will be an update soon


BL460c G6 iLo


So for now I would suggest using IE7 wherever possible, if you need to update your firmware then this link is useful and I have this page with general HP c-class and EVA information

One response to “HP Blade iLo and Internet Explorer 8 Problems

  1. Dave Convery May 26, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    I have been using Firefox with the Java base remote console. You can get to it either through web administration or via the second link from the bottom.

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