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My ramblings on the stuff that holds it all together On-Tour 2010, Planes, Trains and Bicycles


It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks, I am visiting what has been termed as mini-VMworld in Charlotte, NC later on this week, it looks to be much bigger than anything we have seen in the UK and has an “all-star” line-up so I look forward to that and jet-lag permitting I will be writing up some blog posts.


Then it’s on to BriForum in Chicago where I will be delivering a presentation on my low-cost/cheap home lab setup using the vT.A.R.D.I.S


Then to add to the complexity I fly back to the UK on Friday, and then have Saturday to recover before doing the London to Brighton bike ride on Sunday, still open to sponsorship via my justgiving page here – donate to encourage the fat, jet-lagged man to cross the finish line (with or without pulse! :)).

Participants at start of the 2009 London to Brighton Bike Ride

And the following week I will be presenting at The Fantastic Tavern London “Blue Sky Thinking for the Cloud”, if you’re not familiar with the TFT format – see my previous reviews here and here 

And in between all of that I need to keep up with work, holiday and family commitments… it’s going to be busy people!

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