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Mac Users, Stop Exposing Yourself to other Hotel Guests

If you use an Apple Mac (like I do), then maybe you’re happy not to have to be too bothered about all those virii, malware, worms and hackers attacks so don’t bother spending too long on your personal IT security like you did in the Windows days.


However, please think about this – I’m currently in a hotel, I can see all the other Mac users on the WiFi, because they are broadcasting their hostnames, which in OS X defaults to what you told it your name was at setup time.


If I were that sort of person, not only do I have the ability to look at some of the files you’ve made public in your dropbox folders, your shared iTunes library (Stephen – Princess Bride sound-track, really?!) more importantly I have your real full-name, you’re probably staying in the same hotel as me, so just think of all the social engineering japes I could have with that..

“I’ve forgotten my room key – here is my Employee photo ID (that I’ve just doctored with your information), can you remind me what my room number is?”

“Hi, reception – can you put me through to Mr Adam ABC please.. Hello? Hi – FedEx here I’m at reception and I have a package to deliver to you, which room number are you in please?”

“Can I put these drinks on my room tab please?”

I found you on Facebook

I found you on LinkedIn

Believe me, hotel front-desk’s aren’t too clever about protecting this stuff and the “customer” is always right.

In the interest of balance, Windows has slightly more secure defaults and corporate laptops typically have group policies to enforce certain network behaviors, although I can still see all your company domain names in the netbios broadcasts you make, even if your name is something less personal like PC03432.

Turn this stuff off, just because you have a Mac doesn’t mean you don’t need to be sensible!

Look under System preferences Security and Sharing for options

Think about it.

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