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Apologies for the radio silence


Apologies to my regular readers for the lack of content recently, this is going to be one of those “I’ve been really busy so not had time to blog” type of posts I’m afraid.

Since leaving VMware’s cloud practice earlier this year my freelance career has taken off nicely and I’m currently engaged with a large service provider on some large-scale transformation projects so that’s currently taking a lot of my time.

But, not to fear… there will be plenty coming in a few months

  • – more technical details following on from the initial post once I get GA code
  • Hopefully and the iTARDIS will be making an appearance at an upcoming UK VMUG
  • Secret Project No.2 – suffice to say it’s very cloudy and is taking a lot of my blogging time at the moment – expect more detailed news about this towards the end of 2011 as it’s a slow, but full-on process!
  • I will be at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas, I’ll try to blog as much as I can whilst I’m there

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