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VMware Roadmap NDA Session at London VMUG 19th July 2012

As you may have seen the next London VMware User Group meeting is on 19th July 2012 and is open for registration at this link.

We (the committee) are delighted that VMware will be presenting a roadmap NDA session at our meeting.  It is a unique opportunity to discover what is coming from VMware in the future and a first for us!

However, as we’re privileged to have this session we have to abide by some very stringent rules and we hope you understand if you are refused entry to this session.  For those that don’t meet the criteria to attend, we will have VMware experts on hand in the Thames Suite, where are sponsors are located, to meet and discuss any topics you wish to chat about.  As a reminder, the entry criteria is:

• Signed, personal NDA

• Photo ID and proof of where you work

• Not working for a vendor

• Not working for a partner

• Not working for a competitor

We are really looking forward to the whole day, the agenda is another great one and has a storage bias to it, which is actually totally unintentional 🙂


See you in July!

Your London VMUG Steering Committee

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