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Unable to launch the application when trying to connect to vCO client


if you’re using the vCAC vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) client to customise a workflow it uses a Java client.

If you recently updated or downloaded Java to your machine then you’ll see the following error message..

image image

This is because it is using a self-signed certificate, and the latest Java builds prevent this as a security measure, reasonable I guess.

You’ll need to add your vCAC appliance URL to the exception list, note you need to specify the port number, or it won’t work. you can set this ON YOUR CLIENT WORKSTATION via Control Panel –> Java / Security on a Windows machine.


And you will now be able to connect, albeit with some warnings from the Java client..  (as shown below)


The moral of the story is, Java may run on 3 billion devices, but all of them break in subtle ways, each & every time when you update something 🙂

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