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HP LaserJet 400 M475dw slow to connect to office365

I have one of these printers, it’s literally the best printer I have ever owned. it does everything, 1st time with no bother, aggro or hassle, it duplexes, copies, scans, prints very good colour pictures.


Granted, it’s not cheap or small but having purchased and thrown away literally tens of inkjet type printers over the years you get what you pay for with this printer.

The only small niggle is scanning to e-mail, I use Office365 for my personal and business email and I configured it to point at using this guide. however for some reason it took almost 3-5 minutes to connect and send to the SMTP server – I couldn’t find any obvious cause until I stumbled across this forum post, the solution? disable IPv6 – I tried this and it now connects & sends instantly.

For future reference, this is where you disable IPv6 on the web-UI.


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