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London and UK VMUG Sessions – The Album

We (The UK/London VMUG team) have a massive archive of recording from the last 7 or so years of UKVMUG (and more recently London) VMware User Group events, this is community event run by volunteers and I’m pleased to say we work very hard to keep the agenda clear of sales pitches and keep the focus on interesting and relevant content. As a result we’ve built up a pretty large archive of material.

During the various COVID Lockdowns we held our usual meetings over Zoom and the side-benefit of this is we have all the sessions recorded (via Zoom and our super-star AV tech Gareth Edwards) rather than just a select few.

Whilst the version numbers and products in the oldest recordings have aged we always tried to have a closing keynote that was a less product specific and more personal/industry skills focused (or even about space exploration!) – you can find the full selection of videos at

The following is a list of our closing keynotes

Chis Wahl – (2014) Stop being a minesweeper

John Troyer (2015) TechReckoning – Architecting Your Career

Julian Wood (2016) Demystifying the Future of IT a Practitioners Guide

Chris McCain (2017) Clouds Collide, Lightning Strikes

Duncan Epping (2018) (r)Evolution of Infrastructure

Prof. Anu Ojha OBE (2019) Space, So What?

Duncan Epping (2020) There is no Growth in the comfort Zone, there is no comfort in the learning Zone

(2020-21) were on an external events platform, will see if I can get the videos imported to YouTube

Other notable mentions:

Katherine Skilling (2020) – Finding my Way, Who am I and what can I offer?

Presentation Skills (2021) – Kev Johnson / Gareth Edwards

Joe Baguley has provided an opening keynote for all our meetings and is what I think a good presenter should be, engaging, surprisingly accurate and obsessed with chickens

2014 CTO Rant-as-a-Service

2015 Containers, Microservices, Turtles, Chickens and other Animals

2016 Digital, Apps & other Buzzwords

2017 Modernising the centre ready for the edge

2018 VMware Strategy Update

2019 VMware Office of the CTO 2020 Outlook and Beyond

(2020-21) were on an external events platform, will see if I can get the videos imported to YouTube

If you’re interested in attending one of our future events keep an eye on and https://vmug/usercon

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