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How to export ALL your Amazon orders to Excel

I’ve been a long-time Amazon customer, but I’m also a bit of a nerd, and for ages I’ve been trying to figure out (quantify!) how much I’ve ordered from the big shop of everything since I placed my first order in 2002.

If you’re an Amazon.COM (e.g. US site) customer this seems fairly well catered for, and there is a page here that seemingly allows you to do this here – but if, like myself you’re an customer this doesn’t work – it can only export all the data of things you’ve purchased from the US site, which in my case is a handful of items), not the warehouse of things that have come through our front door over the years.

There is a handy Chrome extension which works really well, but you have to do it 1 year at a time and because its scraping the site on your behalf seems to occasionally trip some logic in Amazon to buffer your requests and re-authenicate you – which isn’t a bad thing.

So, the only solution I found is to request a full export of all your Amazon data using the link they provide

Impatient people be warned, this takes a couple of days to complete!

A couple of days later I got an email from Amazon with a link to download a .zip file, I’m sure this will vary based on how you order – but in my case there were a number of sub folders including a folder called Retail.OrderHistory.2 with a a large .CSV file (hint: if you’ve ordered a lot, or been a long time customer – look for the largest CSV file(s)). This file contained data in the following format – you can validate what it was based on the “Product Name” field.

Website Order ID Order Date Purchase Order Number Currency Unit Price Unit Price Tax Shipping Charge Total Discounts Total Owed Shipment Item Subtotal Shipment Item Subtotal Tax ASIN Product Condition Quantity Payment Instrument Type Order Status Shipment Status Ship Date Shipping Option Shipping Address Billing Address Carrier Name & Tracking Number Product Name Gift Message Gift Sender Name Gift Recipient Contact Details

And hurrah, I was able to total the “Total Owed” column and duly fell off my chair as to how much I’ve spent!

With a bit of massaging (hint: split out* columns to drop time off the “order date” field, put into a pivot table at ta-da.. this is how many items per day, for the last 20-ish years I’ve purchased from (oldest on the left).

I hope that helps someone else similarly outside of the US!

*I’m sure there is a better way to do this in Excel.. but it was quick & dirty


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