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Top Virtualization Blog Voting Time


Eric Siebert is looking for votes for the top virtualization blogs on I met Eric in the flesh a couple of weeks ago at VMworld when we did a joint session on home-lab environments, featuring the vTARDIS (demo videos will be uploaded this week hopefully).

If you feel like voting for me, feel free to follow this link 🙂


Please bear in mind, that whilst I now work for VMware, all of these posts were written way before that was even an option, and I’ll keep on blogging despite being borg’d 🙂

Here’s a quick sample of the posts I have written up this year that I thought were interesting, I like to think I provide some interesting food for thought, if nothing else 🙂 I was quite surprised how many posts I have done this year when looking back through WordPress, that would certainly explain where my evenings went this year..!


Hardware Emulators… please

Where next for VMware Workstation?

Augmented Reality

My VCE/VCD310 Exam Experiences

Software Licensing for vCloud (note: written before I started at VMware’s cloud team :))

PowerShell to create lots of sequentially named linked clones

FusionIO Solid State Drive and VMs

Find all the Good v12n Posts every Week


If cast my mind back 2 or 3 years, finding good VMware related information on the web was hard, there were 2 or 3 good technical blogs (RTFM, Scott Lowe, Eric Sloof) and there was 1 book by Ron Oglesby/Mike Laverick but that was pretty much it.

Since then things have come along leaps and bounds, the Planet v12n list that VMware maintains aggregates all the good virtualization blogs into one place for easy digestion (RSS feed here) but this now tracks a large number of bloggers (myself included).

It’s almost like you need someone to cherry-pick the vast number of weekly posts, on ooh. say a weekly basis?

Well, have no fear – for some time VCDX007 (Duncan Epping) has been doing the hard work for you and picking the top 5 v12n posts on a weekly basis, usually published on a Sunday you can find the list here on the VMTN blog, I’m pleased to say I’ve made this list a few times now for various blog posts.

I’ve deliberately left twitter out of this (follow me here if you wish), as long-form blog posts are more my kind of thing; Twitter is ok for general chit-chat and quick Q&A but it’s a lot to keep on top of, and do a day job! – But if Twitter is your thing – Maish has a twitter list of the top-25 v12n Bloggers (based on Eric’s list – I’m at number 53, thanks to everyone that voted for me :))

And, just in case you were wondering; v12n is a numeronym for virtualization (yes, I had to look that one up :))