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Example Report from vCenter Chargeback


The linked .PDF file is an automatically generated report from my test installation of the new vCenter Chargeback product.

I have set a cost per unit of £1 for all items (GHz, GB disk, network etc.) at this rate I can make £1.7k per day from renting out my virtual server platform at home 🙂

See an example report from my lab here

Anyone interested in renting a virtual machine at that rate please drop me a line 🙂

Problem with Installing vCenter Chargeback – cannot configure with SQL Windows Authentication


I am setting a trial of the new vCenter Chargeback product on my lab environment, and have followed the instructions to configure the SQL database (new DB and new account with database owner permissions) however when I try to configure the Windows application I get errors from the jdbc component as follows;

“The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection”

If I try with the appliance version of the application it ignores the slash in the DOMAIN\USER syntax for the database permissions and puts in DOMAINUSER, which obviously doesn’t work.

for now I have configured it using SQL authentication and that works ok isn’t ideal from a management point of view, would be good to understand why this is, as the appliance issue looks like a bug to me.