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Handy Reference Chart for Microsoft Server Application Licences


Taken from a download on the Microsoft Partner Licencing Specialist site, the following diagram makes for a useful quick reference chart for what licencing options are applicable to the big MS Server apps – far easier than having to check the product sites and documentation individually if you are trying to spec something up.


Also lots more useful information on this site – it’s designed to train people to become Microsoft licencing specialists (MLSS/MLSE) it’s mainly sales staff orientated training, but some useful/easy to digest reference material for techies/consultants alike if you’ve ever struggled to understand Microsoft licencing.

Useful links..

Revision Presentations – .PDF files to download

Training Videos – downloadable

Microsoft Blogger on Licencing


This is a great blog, from one of the licencing managers at Microsoft – Emma has made a good start on providing easy to understand articles on MS licencing in bite sized chunks.

It’s not everyone’s favourite topic, but we all have to do it 🙂

Useful for virtualisation people as there’s a whole section on it with pictures some further hilights (for me) on SPLA licencing, SQL and System Centre

Welcome Emma, keep up the good work – even if you are forced to adopt the American spelling of the word for your main job role like me 😉

Thanks to James for the original link.

How to Convert Virtual Center from Evaluation to Licensed Version

or “How to convert virtual centre from evaluation to licenced version”… for us Brits… the “American English” is to help the international Googlers 🙂

I can’t believe I missed this, on a couple of platforms I’ve built I’ve had to start with an eval licence and then move to a proper licence but could never find how to change virtual center from eval to licenced mode.

ESX itself was fine you can do that via the VC GUI (below)


But despite a lot of googling I could never find out how to set Virtual Centre itself to use a licence server – so I ended up reinstalling/repairing and then selecting the option to use a licence server, my bad – it’s actually in the VI client GUI d’oh as Homer would say!

for my own reference, and for anyone else who has missed and is searching for how to convert Virtual Center from evaluation to licensed..


and then configure the setting here to point it at a proper licence server to enable full VC.