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How much do VMUG leaders contribute to VMUG globally

I’ve just attended the 1st annual VMware User Group Leader Summit, a day and a half event hosted at the VMware campus in Palo Alto to share best practice amongst the various groups around the world to better the organisation which was an excellent event.

The event was an impressive showing of commitment from VMware to the community in terms of the focus it has, but was more impressive was the scale of effort that the VMUG leaders put into their events – there aren’t many real rewards for being a VMUG leader other than some kudos and a pat on the back and it’s a very clear sign of people’s passion for the technology that they give this time freely.

Some leaders are self-employed or work full-time for an employer – but generally the time they give is their own personal, unpaid time as vacation time or work time that has to be made-up in personal time.

The London VMUG group of which I’m a leader in is currently going through a transition to a new team of leaders (I’m staying on but 3 leaders are stepping down after many years of service) and we’ve spent some time trying to quantify how much effort is required to run a VMUG group so we can set expectations appropriately for our new incoming leaders;

This is based on our experiences running 3 London (~100 attendees) and 1 UK national event (~600 attendees) each year.

Disclaimer this is very finger in the air analysis (and a little bit of fun) – but I do think it’s interesting to look at the opportunity cost of such activities (info on opportunity cost here) and other interesting {honest!} economics stuff here

Between the 4 of us we have 4 full-day meetings, so 4 man-days** contributed per meeting which we attend*, plus on average 2hrs of calls per month = 24hrs = 3 man-days/yr. (@8hrs/day) – so individually each leader contributes 7 man-days per year of effort to manage and run our events.

*I’ve not managed to sit through and enjoy a session at the London or UK VMUG meetings since I became a leader, because there is always something that needs doing, cats to herd, things to organise – not complaining, but – that’s the truth!

Our leadership team consists of 4 people, if we said the average group is 3 leaders (some have 7+, some have just 1!).

I don’t have access to all the details of the global VMUG chapters, but if you work on the basis that there was 1 leader invited from each active VMUG globally to the summit, there were 93 leaders in-attendance so let’s base our numbers on 93 ‘active’ groups – although I appreciate there are probably more as not everyone would be able to attend.

if we said an average of 3 leaders per ‘active’ group, each contributing 7 man-days per annum that’s 1,953 man-days per annum contributed by leaders to the VMUG community events. (3 x (4+3) ) x 93 = 1,953 man-days

Given there is an average of 251 working days per year that’s 7.7 man-years

Now, to make this more interesting, if we said the average salary of a VMware administrator was $80k USD (sort-of based on this article, and assuming that an VMUG leader will generally have more than 2 years of experience under their belt and will generally be in a senior-type role, the majority of VMUG leaders are in the US and salaries outside the US will obviously differ, but most VMUGs exist in well-developed 1st-word countries, rather than 2nd/3rd world emerging countries)

That would mean a VMUG leader globally earns an average of $318 per day before tax, multiply that out by the number of man-days given per year, that represents an opportunity cost that the VMUG leaders contribute to the VMware community & VMware itself of…..(drum-roll)

$622,470.12 USD.

Not too shabby 🙂 VMware, I hope you appreciate it 🙂

Anyways – just a bit of fun and not to be taken too seriously, but do go and hug a VMUG leader at your next meeting… (ok, don’t do that!)



**Yes, there are also many women who are VMUG leaders.. but man-days is an accepted term, and it’s shorter to type than person-years, apologies if it offends, it’s not meant to!


Well deserved award for LonVMUG Chair Alaric Davies

Anyone who attends the London VMUG will have been impressed by our very own chairman Alaric, who has been running the event for over 5 years – in his own typically humble words he’s “the tall bloke who bumbles around waving his hands at the start and end of the day” but without Alaric we wouldn’t have the VMUG we have today.

As an attendee you don’t always appreciate the hard work that goes into planning and arranging our quarterly meetings and especially the UK national event, it takes a lot of personal time and dedication, something Alaric has given freely over the years, and he has been appropriately awarded by the VMUG board of directors for his service to the VMUG.

Please join me in congratulating Alaric (and all the other VMUG leader award winners).


LonVMUG Best Community Presentation of 2011 Awards

If you are a London VMware User Group attendee, you’ll already be aware of the fantastic quality of presenters we have had from the community over the last few years. As such, we wanted a way to reward those that have spent many hours of their own personal time honing their content.

I know from experience how much time this takes, so we (the LonVMUG committee) presented the catchily titled inaugural LonVMUG Best Presentation of 2011 Awards (or, as maybe we should have called it vBAFTAs) at our first 2012 event looking back at the best community presentations from 2011 and we are aiming to make this an annual event.

Sponsors and VMware staff are obviously important to our events, and they also deliver some excellent content for our attendees but members from the community stepped way out of their day jobs and family commitments to share their experiences.

The list of nominees are as follows..

…and the following are the winners for the best LonVMUG Community Presentation were… (virtual drum-roll)…

Third prize – Stuart Radnidge (Rethinking Infrastructure) – Winning a £100 voucher

Second prize – Jonathan Medd (How to Save Your Time with PowerCLI) – Winning a £150 voucher

First prize – Julian Wood (Upgrading vSphere 4 to 5) – Winning a £250 voucher

If you are not a regular speaker in your personal or professional life, it doesn’t matter – nor do you have to manage a data centre the size of a small city or be CEO of Amazon to have something interesting to say. your demo’s don’t have to even work every time (believe me, mine didn’t!). it’s a very friendly crowd and even if you feel a little nervous or stumble we are always on-hand to help you out, we are all volunteers and nobody gets paid to run the London VMware User Group, we’re all about the content rather than the glitz.

If you want to see what people have presented at previous events you can browse most of the presentations at likewise, if you’re curious about what happened on the day you can check out Alaric’s slide deck here.

If you have an idea for a future session feel free to drop me an email (address on the about page) with a brief abstract and bio and we’ll be in touch – our upcoming events are;

  • May 17th – London
  • July 19th – London
  • November – National VMUG, date & venue TBC

PowerCamp–weekend PowerShell Training Course

I came across this today on my Twitter feed, Thomas Lee is running a weekend course in PowerShell in London this April, the agenda is as follows..

What is A PowerShell PowerCamp?
This fast paced weekend event covers all the key aspects of Windows PowerShell – from the command line and writing production-oriented scripts. We start with the basics including installation and configuration, formatting and providers and remoting. We then look at scripting, managing script libraries using modules, using objects, and finishing with the PowerShell features added into Windows. We finish with a look at PowerShell in the cloud and what’s coming with PowerShell V3.

The PowerCamp event is all lecture plus Q&A, with the opportunity to type along with the tutor. There are no formal labs.

What is the Agenda?
Day 1 – The Basics
• PowerShell Fundamentals – starting with the key elements of PowerShell (Cmdlets, Objects and the Pipeline) plus installation, setup, and profiles
• Discovery – finding your way and learning how to discover more
• Formatting – how to format output nicely – both by default and using hash tables and display XML
• Remoting – working with remote systems using PowerShell’s remoting capabilities
• Providers – getting into OS data stores via PSProviders
Day 2 – Diving Deeper
• Scripting Concepts – automating everyday tasks including PowerShell’s language constructs, error handling and debugging (both from the command line and using an IDE)
• Modules – managing PowerShell script libraries in the enterprise
• .NET/WMI/COM Objects – working with native objects
• PowerShell and Windows Client/Server – how you can use built in PowerShell cmdlets
• PowerShell in Key Microsoft Servers – a look at PowerShell today in SQL, SCVMM plus a look forward to the future with SharePoint 2010
• PowerShell and the cloud – this module looks at PowerShell in the cloud and how you can use PowerShell to manage cloud computing.
• PowerShell V3 – this final module shows you what’s new in PowerShell V3.

I am planning to attend, the cost is £200; which is an absolute bargain IMHO, and especially so if (like me) you are a contractor and can do this over a weekend. I’ve attended a Microsoft deployment course taught my Thomas in the past and I can vouch that he’s an excellent instructor.

It looks like an excellent way for a relapsed coder like myself to get re-immersed, if you’re a frequent LonVMUG’er this is a good complement to Alan Renouf’s PowerCLI sessions.

For more info and the full agenda click here

London VMware User Group Jan 26th 2012

We (the steering committee) are pleased to announce that the agenda for the next London VMware User Group is now online and registration is open.

The full agenda is available in this handy PDF file and you can register using this link

We have a great agenda lined up with hands-on labs from Embotics (who you may remember from a previous event) and we hope you enjoy the multi-track layout.

Usual place, usual time.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Main event 10:00 – 17:15
Networking Reception 17:15

Meeting Location
London Chamber of Commerce and Industry 33 Queen Street
London, EC4R 1AP (map)

Hope to see you there!