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How to Reset ILOM password on a Sun x4200 Server

Power down and disconnect the server, open up the server, place a jumper over Jumper P4 (different models like the M2 use different ports) but P4 is on a block of 3 2-pin jumpers on the right-hand side near the power supplies.

Power up the server and wait for the OS to boot (important), login via the serial console connection; the user/password will now be root/changeme

Reset the password via the web GUI and power down the server

remove the jumper and it will work using the password you set; if you forget to remove the jumper it will always default the password to changeme

As a bonus you can change the IP address via the serial console whilst it’s defaulted

login using root/changeme

cd /SYS/network

show (will display the current config)

set pendingipaddress= (or whatever you need)

set pendingipgateway= (or whatever you need)

set commitpending=true

and after a minute or so the IP address will be set and should be accessible over the network

The full service manual is online here

Don’t forget to remove the P4 jumper, if you can’t find a jumper  as they are quite rare these days – look for an old HP or Compaq server, that’s what I did 🙂