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Is your MS Application Supported under VMware, Hyper-V, Xen? – the DEFINITIVE Statement from Microsoft


A colleague has just made me aware of a new tool on the Microsoft website, it is a wizard that can tell you if specific Microsoft App/OS/Architecture combinations are supported under the SVVP (Server Virtualization Validation Programme) – I previously wrote about the SVVP here, which promised to resolve many of the pains we were experiencing.

The output from the SVVP programme has been compiled into a great web based wizard that saves all the previous leg work of reading several (sometimes conflicting) whitepapers.. here you get it straight from the horses mouth (so to speak).

You can access the Wizard via this Link

The wizard lists all Microsoft products


The list of hypervisor platforms supported is shown below, and you can choose the OS version (Windows 2000 and later) and the CPU architecture (x86, x64 etc.)

image image

And, finally the most important part – a definitive statement on support for this combination

image image

Excellent work Microsoft – come on other vendors (Oracle, Sun this means you…)

Microsoft now Officially support many of their products under ESX 3.5u2


As noted here and here, VMWare have had ESX 3.5u2 certified under Microsoft’s SVVP programme, this is excellent news and will knock down one of the long standing barriers to greater adoption of virtualisation as I wrote about here – support.

Most notably for me this means blessed support of Exchange 2007sp1 running under ESX!

Excellent work to get this done so quickly – MS only announced the SVVP programme a short while ago.

Official list of MS products supported under VMWare is here.