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UK Mostly Grinds to a Halt


Lots of snow here in the UK, well 12” is lots of snow by UK standards anyway, more good travel {or lack, thereof} info here from Annie Mole

South-eastern Railway’s website has ground to a halt (not exactly unusual, even on a good day!).


For me out here in Kent, all of my local train services are all suspended, as are the buses and at least the BBC website is a bit more reliable.


All of the roads are blocked or have delays so serious as to not make it worth anyone’s while to attempt it.

My daughter’s nursery is permanently engaged on the phone so I’m suspecting that means closed – they definitely need a better push based notification/alerting system – maybe I’ll suggest I write one for them!

Welcome to 2009 :), thank goodness for technology – all of my planned meetings are now conference calls, email/IM keep the lines of communication open and the web means I’m a better informed traveller so I can make an informed decision before attempting anything.

Even 10 years ago when I can last remember this happening down south things were pretty different, the tech hasn’t changed that significantly but what has changed is the adoption and acceptance, broadband penetration and general acceptance that previously “frivolous” activities like IM the web and email are actually critical business tools these days, particularly when conditions mean it’s less efficient to get about and do things face-face.