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Free Windows Crash Dump Analysis and Performance Analysis Session from the WSUG in London


The Windows Server User Group have announced another free evening session during the UK Tech Days week in London.

Blurb pasted from the WSUG site below;

The [WSUG] Windows Server User Group has the pleasure of hosting Dan Pearson, from David Solomon’s Expert Seminars,  Dan is in London teaching the week of TechDays UK and has kindly agreed to present on the evening of  Tuesday 13th April (18:30-21:00 at Microsoft, Cardinal Place, London) to the community.  There will be a social gathering afterwards.

Registration: Chick Here (NOTE even though the event says GMT it is BST).

Windows Crash Dump Analysis

While Windows crashes are rarer these days, when they do occur, you need to know how to isolate their root cause. This session explains why Windows crashes to protect the system, the types of crash dumps you can configure, and how to analyze them with the Microsoft Debugging Tools. Also covered are how to deal with hung systems and systems that crash without taking a dump. Several real-life case studies are presented.

Windows Performance Troubleshooting and Analysis

Performance is a fundamental metric representing system responsiveness and productivity and can be directly tied to customer satisfaction. This session details the use of several built-in performance monitoring tools, as well as those from Sysinternals and the Windows Performance Toolkit, to aid with the troubleshooting and diagnosis of performance-related issues. Also covered is the analysis and interpretation of the data collected by each of the tools and the presentation of several useful techniques that can be applied to troubleshooting. Several real-life case studies are presented

About Daniel Pearson

Formerly a Senior Escalation Lead at Microsoft, Daniel worked in the Windows Base OS team supporting Microsoft customers. He performed crash dump analysis and system level debugging, spending the majority of his time either in a debugger or reading through Windows source code. Daniel also worked in the Mobile Internet sustained engineering team that released hot fixes and service packs for Microsoft’s Mobile Information Server product. He has presented sessions on Windows internals at Microsoft sponsored conferences and user groups.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Daniel worked at Digital Equipment Corporation on both Intel and Alpha systems running Windows NT doing system software support for enterprise customers.

Dan Pearson is speaking in March at Microsoft’s Tech Days in Finland and Belgium.

Windows Server User Group London – BranchCache and W2k8 R2 Migration


The Windows Server User Group are holding a talk on the evening of April 12th at Microsoft’s London offices near Victoria.

This event compliments Microsoft’s tech-days week which I previously mentioned here.

The agenda is as follows and you can register here

BranchCache (Deep Dive)

BranchCache is a new Feature in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 that helps reduces the bandwidth consumed and improves end user experience while accessing intranet-based HTTP and SMB content. This session introduces challenges in network performance often faced by remote branch offices which accessing content stored in servers located in datacenters across trans-continental Wide Area Networks, and how BranchCache helps in addressing these challenges.

You will learn in depth how BranchCache works and see a demonstration of this new feature in Windows Server 2008R2 and Windows 7, as well as learn how to configure BranchCache.

Windows Server Migration (Deep Dive)

Presentations and live demonstrations on how the new Windows Server 2008 R2 migration tools can simplify the migration of Windows Server roles.

Joey will provide a detailed insight to the Windows Server 2008 R2 Server Migration Tools; The session will include migrating file services, DNS and DHCP to Windows Server 2008 R2.

Hope to see you there.