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My Home Broadband Connection

This page is to track the speed/quality of the 100Mbps broadband service I have from Virgin Media in the UK.

it’s normally pretty impressive, and this diagram should update when you refresh the page, it’s more for my own personal use – but you’re free to interpret/monitor the results yourself.

Note some periods of downtime (red) may be due to me fiddling with the network at my end, rather than indicating a Virgin Media fault.

My Broadband Ping - Home Broadband

This is the best download I have ever seen, especially bearing in mind it’s a 100Mbps service – it usually hovers around the 80/90Mb/s download an 8/9Mb/s upstream.


One response to “My Home Broadband Connection

  1. Richard Powers November 23, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    I have to say I’m have Bandwidth envy. The BEST DSL download is about 6 Mbs. My upload speed is too embarrassed to post.


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