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1st Post, or should that be Blog.

I’m new here, can you tell?

I’ve been a lurker on other peoples blogs for a couple of years and have finally decided (well, finally sat down..) to start a blog.

Where should I start? how about who the hell am I?

Who the hell are you?

I’m an Infrastructure Architect in the UK

I have one small human child at present

I like (fast) cars

I work for a small (but well formed..) consultancy working with enterprise customers; mainly in the UK but recently getting a lot of international exposure, I’ve worked for some very large consultancies in the past and all I can say is where I currently work suits me at present.

I work mainly with Microsoft & VMWare technologies although I am conversant with other flavours of OS and tech.

I’ve worked with VMWare since I discovered workstation in 2001 and since then have tried (often without sucess) to convince increasing numbers of people that it’s not scary and the fact that your applications are running under some kind of magic-voodo layer doesn’t mean your children will turn into frogs or make the sky fall in* it seems that VMWare and virtualization in general is now gaining enough mainstream traction for people to take it seriously.

ok, so who the hell are you – really?

For now I would like to keep my real identity confidential in a batman sense, I do value my privacy and that of my family, that may change in the future; who knows, but ask yourself this – are you really that interested in little old me?

You’re good at dodging questions, are you sure you don’t work at MS?

No, whilst I work with a lot of Microsoft “stuff” I’m not on their payroll and to be honest sometimes they really annoy me. however this is my personal blog (although I may use some work time to write it!) and along those lines I don’t think it’s important** to name my employer at present.

So, is this going to be all work and no play?

I would say not whilst I’m personally interested in the tech I mention in this blog I’d like to think I’ve got a few other interests outside of work, and who knows, blog posting may form some kind of personal therapy!

Fine, so where is the interesting content?

err.. yeah better get on and write some then!

*Standard Disclaimer: no warranty is granted or implied, your mileage may vary, do not use internally, etc. etc.

**and probably some dull legal reasons too

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