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Citrix EasyCall

Seen this presented at Briforum today, I’ve not come across this before so excuse me if it’s old news

I just don’t get it. it’s basically screen scraping from an ICA session to initiate a phone call via a PABX. It calls you on your selected number and then calls the number it’s screen scraped.

It’s pretty cool tech if it works, but why are Citrix doing this – surely they’d be better leaving this to the click to call / VoIP /Telco vendor, in the demo they show it’s not relying on a locally connected phone device (USB?) as the PABX initiates and controls the call(s).

Why do you even need Citrix doing this as part of the PS suite -surely there are more mature/dedicated apps to do it on the server/app session side, to me Citrix is all about presentation (sic).

Is this kind of thing feature creep too far? what do you think?

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