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HP Builds "Smart-cooled" Datacentre in Bangalore


the following article details how HP are consolidating 14 datacentres into 1 and taking a smart approach to cooling.

Rather than uniformly cool the datacentre thousands of temperature sensors installed in racks feed back readings to the cooling control system so hot spots can be automatically cooled.

Be cool (ha ha) if HP made this an open specification or product that you could pull all the readings from the datacentre racks and individual servers/blades to control your HVAC systems.

This is ideal for "dynamic" datacentre environments or grid based systems where you might ramp up performance/utilization (and thus power/cooling requirements) in a set of blades and have the HVAC automatically compensate rather than having to physically install the kit with sufficient dedicated space/cooling from day 1.

Interestingly, also mentions the utility power supply being more expensive and unreliable in Bangalore than in the US so they are supplementing the utility power supply with Diesel generators which somewhat harms their overall carbon footprint argument.

Guess the government must be building big comms infrastructure in India to support the booming tech industry over there, cheap labour/construction cost etc. is probably how they forecast such a quick ROI compared with the US/RoW.

And surely, if your datacentre is in a country with a hot climate you’ll spend/use more power over the year than hosting in somewhere like Iceland?

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