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Tiny Laptop for £229 with solid state HDD


I generally wouldn’t touch anything other than a Dell/HP/IBM laptop with a bargepole for reasons of spares availability/cost… but at £229 inc VAT this is almost disposable if something dies.


It’s tiny and has a (small) solid state HDD but SD card reader slot to allow you to add more storage space.

Review here..

Expansys are going to have them soon..

No Bluetooth but has a £40 option for adding an integrated 3G modem very cool.

I had a P133 Toshiba Libretto years ago and it was ace.. I like the idea of this..

Linux OS only at the moment (+VMWare maybe?) but WinXP in near future

And a bit of an update to this post Bryce posted a great link to a site covering upgrades to this mini notebook – 2Gb RAM upgrade, how to install other software & WinXP. Must, resist… must…


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