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Eye Fi Wireless SD Card



Now this looks like quite a cool idea, if I read it correctly the SDCard fits any standard camera etc. but you can associate it with a number of WiFi access points (home network, cloud etc.)

any pictures you take it buffers up on the card and if there is a recognized WiFI AP in range with an Internet connection it automatically upload the pictures to your choice of web service – Flickr, Facebook etc.

or you can do the same sort of thing to your home PC.

Interesting idea, and not /that/ expensive @99USD – although that’s likely to translate to £100 using the weird US/UK exchange “rate” for technical kit that all manufacturers seem to get away with use.

Although I’m not sure I’d want all of the awful pictures I take uploaded for everyone to see without me filtering them 1st 😉 and I wonder what it does to the battery of the device its inserted into?

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