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Walking between London Underground Stations


Slightly off-topic from my usual posts, but I had to link to this article that Annie Mole links to, which is a very useful map for anyone who lives or works in central London – it shows the actual walking distance between zone 1 tube stations.

I often get off the tube and walk between stations, luckily in my previous life as a courier I got to know some good shortcuts that avoid lots of complicated changes on the tube for some of my usual routes.

London has such interestiing architecture it’s a shame to miss it all, the alternative is often standing underneath someone else’s armpit on a hot tube train… I know which one I prefer.

Excellent work…!

One response to “Walking between London Underground Stations

  1. Annie Mole May 17, 2008 at 5:45 am

    Thanks for the link – much appreciated. I’m surprised that TfL don’t actually get this produced as an official map would ease congestion and promote healthy lifestyle.

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