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Vista Mobility Centre


Ironically, I’d never actually seen this screen before.. Windows Key – X and it pops up the following screen so I can get one place to find the Dell extensions and the MS normal control panel applets in one place that are relevant to “mobility”.

imageThanks to

James O’Neil‘s post on where Microsoft went wrong with Vista for the tip, maybe thats one of the areas 🙂

For the record my laptop flies with Vista, and I agree with James’s point about suspend rather than shutdown reboot with suspend/resume it’s ready in < 5sec .. so why continually shutdown etc?

I hardly ever reboot my laptop other than to (un)install some software and suspend/resume works flawlessly, (unless I try to do it with my laptop’s built in 3G cell modem connected to Vodafone – as it will fail 1/2 way though and slowly cook in my laptop bag – but that’s a driver issue I assume rather than the OS).

as Eileen Brown discusses here I also frequently use MSCONFIG.EXE to keep the startup crapware free and the services stripped down to bare minimum…although I think Vista should police this a bit better.

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