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Platespin Power Convert – Installation problem – Error Running a Custom Action


I’m working on a post around Platespin Power Convert, if you encounter the “Error running a custom action” message during installation (below) this post explains how to fix it.



first, make sure you have installed IIS and then .NET 2.0 (in that order, you will break it otherwise).

then if you get the above error you will likely have the following text in the PowerConvert_CustomActions.log file;

Updating IIS Script maps…
Setting security for the PowerConvert web directory
Configuring the web applications…
Error: System.Exception: Cannot connect to IIS with http or https…
   at PlateSpin.Athens.Sdk.Server.ServerHelpers.GetAthensUrl(String athensName, CertificateWarnings certificateWarnings, String serverAddress)
   at PlateSpin.Athens.Sdk.Server.ServerHelpers.GetLocalPowerConvertUrl(String powerConvertName, CertificateWarnings certificateWarnings)
   at PlateSpin.Athens.Install.ProjectInstaller.setPowerConvertWebConfig(CertificateWarnings certificateWarning)
   at PlateSpin.Athens.Install.ProjectInstaller.Install(IDictionary state)
Error: Cannot connect to IIS with http or https…

You need to enable the .Net 2.0 extensions (as per this thread)



That makes the installer a bit happier – the install screen is pretty good at detecting the other pre-requisites, would be handy if it did that one too!

image image

Also another tip to speeding up the installation, particularly if you are installing PowerConvert in a VM is to extract the PowerConvert installation to a directory on the host machine  (or elsewhere); otherwise the installer extracts a temporary copy inside the VM and then installs from it, which is a bit inefficient on space, especially if you are installing an eval copy inside a VM with a growable .vmdk file.

You can extract it by running the downloaded .EXE file PowerConvertSetup.EXE with a -x parameter, then choose the directory to extract to; then present this extracted directory into your VM/host to install which should give a directory structure like this


5 responses to “Platespin Power Convert – Installation problem – Error Running a Custom Action

  1. Mike Fife April 3, 2009 at 11:31 am

    Spot-on fix. Many thanks.

  2. Steve September 2, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    Didn’t fix the Platespin install problems we have. Neither did rerunning aspnet_regiis.exe. Neither did applying everything in Platespin Q20718.doc. In fact, not even Platespin tech support can tell us why Migrate 8.1 isn’t installing, even though they have all the logs.

    I recon this is an area where a decent software company could make an awful lot of money. Make a P2V converter that’s not total crap. Seriously – why does this converter even have to interact with IIS? Junk.

  3. Geev April 20, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    great help, this was exactly i had an issue – thank you thank you

    you rock

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