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Come see the vTARDIS at VMworld on Monday


I am presenting a joint session on affordable lab/SMB environments with Eric Siebert and Simon Seagrave on Monday at 12:00pm, Moscone West room 2007 (V18328: Building an affordable vSphere environment for a lab or small business).

I am covering nested ESX functionality, whilst I haven’t physically transported the vTARDIS all the way to the US this time I am doing demos (hopefully live), so if you want to see how to build an 8 node cluster with shared storage and layer 3 networking on a single low-cost server this is the session for you

This nested ESX functionality that in in vSphere 4 (unsupported as far as I know.. but it works) is what enables most of the hands-on labs.

vTARDIS screenshot – each vmesxi-nn.lab node is really a virtual machine (see the manufacturer field below), but vCenter doesn’t care, and they are all running on a single $600 PC server with just 8Gb of physical RAM (over commit – yeah!)



If you want to see how to do this cool stuff and a whole lot more, come to the session 🙂

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