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Make a Windows application use OS X full screen mode when using Coherence Mode in Parallels

This has been bugging me for ages.. but it turns out it was there all the time! I have a Mac with the latest version of Parallels desktop (sorry VMware, Fusion + unity was getting too buggy for me).

I use coherence mode so I can run windows apps and OS X apps seamlessly side by side, but ever since Lion came out with the OS X full screen mode (and then mountain Lion actually made it useful) I have been using full screen mode for certain OS X apps when not using my external screens as it makes the most of my 13” screen.

However, I couldn’t quickly figure out how to make Windows apps go OS X full screen (and thus be visible in Mission Control/expose or whatever it is called now) so still got the task bar at the top and couldn’t 3-finger swipe between them (very handy feature) also a maximised Windows application covered over OS X apps on my primary desktop so I had to tab around to find it.

You can actually make individual Windows apps use OS X full screen with Parallels using a key-combination. When you have the Windows application active press CMD-CTRL + F and presto it’s using OS X full screen and you can see it in Mission Control and 3-finger swipe between them (the Outlook Window in the screenshot is a Windows app in coherence mode) or you can use the view menu as shown below to switch in/out of individual applications.

image image


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