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Make a Windows application use OS X full screen mode when using Coherence Mode in Parallels

This has been bugging me for ages.. but it turns out it was there all the time! I have a Mac with the latest version of Parallels desktop (sorry VMware, Fusion + unity was getting too buggy for me).

I use coherence mode so I can run windows apps and OS X apps seamlessly side by side, but ever since Lion came out with the OS X full screen mode (and then mountain Lion actually made it useful) I have been using full screen mode for certain OS X apps when not using my external screens as it makes the most of my 13” screen.

However, I couldn’t quickly figure out how to make Windows apps go OS X full screen (and thus be visible in Mission Control/expose or whatever it is called now) so still got the task bar at the top and couldn’t 3-finger swipe between them (very handy feature) also a maximised Windows application covered over OS X apps on my primary desktop so I had to tab around to find it.

You can actually make individual Windows apps use OS X full screen with Parallels using a key-combination. When you have the Windows application active press CMD-CTRL + F and presto it’s using OS X full screen and you can see it in Mission Control and 3-finger swipe between them (the Outlook Window in the screenshot is a Windows app in coherence mode) or you can use the view menu as shown below to switch in/out of individual applications.

image image


Cannot Access Shared Folder vmware-host Shared Folders My Desktop


I encountered this error when a Windows 7 VM running under Fusion logs on, VM tools is mapping a drive to your OS X home directory and results in the following Windows error message

Cannot Access Shared Folder \\vmware-host\Shared Folders\My Desktop

I hit this error after I used Carbon Copy Cloner to clone my OS X installation from a SATA disk a new SSD drive and then decided to move my home directory back onto the SATA disk (I’m using one of these to mount 2 disks) to save space on the SSD (info on how to do that here), so the underlying file-system path had changed.

To fix this open the shared folders settings for your VM in Fusion (Virtual Machine/Settings/Sharing.


  1. Un-check each item in the “Mirrored Folders” section.
  2. Log off the Windows 7 VM (you will get a prompt for this inside the VM)
  3. Log back on to the VM
  4. go back into Virtual Machine/Settings/Sharing and re-check each item
  5. Log off the Windows 7 VM (you will get a prompt for this inside the VM)
  6. Log back on to the VM and it should now be resolved and the mirrored folders show up as actual folders in Windows Explorer


Hopefully that helps someone else out there who is scratching their head