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Pairing IKEA FLOALT lights with more than one wireless remote controller

I now have a pair of IKEA Floalt LED panel lights in my home office, during winter these add a great amount of natural-ish light (with controllable colour temperature/brightness) to my desk-space when there isn’t much coming in from outside.

The website lists the 30x90cm panels as £115 but I managed to get a pair for £80 each in the Greenwich store – you may have similar luck.

Each panel comes with its own wireless remote (TRADFRI), from the instructions it’s straight forward enough to pair each remote (1:1) with a panel.

If you want a single remote to pair with multiple panels you just rinse and repeat the pairing process with each panel (I found I had to switch them off at the power to make it sync up after pairing)

But, it’s not obvious how you have have the 2 remotes working at the same time to control multiple panels. So, for example you have a control by the door and one on your desk (so you don’t need to get up to change the lights, lazy? yes.. but).

So, to do this you need to follow these steps..

  1. Press the pairing button on the remote 4 times in quick secession, do this on both remotes to be safe as they both need to be un-paired for this to work.
  2. Hold the two remotes next to each other and hold the pairing button for 10 seconds – red light on the remote will come on and then fade – the remotes are now paired with each other
  3. Hold either of the remotes to the first panel and pair as normal (press the pair button for >10 seconds), panel will flash.
  4. Repeat step 3 for the remaining panels that you want to be controlled by these remotes
  5. Now, when you turn on/off dim etc. you can use either remote and all the lights in the set will have the same brightness/colour temperature.

I hope that helps someone, it took me a while to figure out, most of the online articles relate to the smartphone gateway and app which I don’t have.

On the whole, I can’t recommend these panels enough, they’re great.

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