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LonVMUG Socially-Distanced Edition Recordings

Due to the current situation (how sick of hearing that are you..?) we had to hold our April 30th London VMUG meeting online, instead of face to face in London.

I was a little skeptical as to how well this would work – but I have to say I was absolutely blown-away by how well it worked, I’m well used to doing Skype, Zoom, WebEx etc. for work meetings – but generally not for a whole day and in a less governed setting and, unlike a lot of work meetings EVERYONE managed to mute themselves when not speaking (my pet peeve!) and we didn’t have to play mute-police.

There was some great banter during the breaks, a majority of people used their video and it was >almost< like one of our normal f2f meetings and at one point we went over 80 participants, which I think was great for our first virtual outing.

We recorded the fun and you can find the video on YouTube here. a write-up from @rimmergram and our very own star-presenter Katherine.

@GarethEdwards86 did a great job helping the 4 of us on the normal London team drive Zoom and ensure the transitions went well (except for the bit where I forgot how Zoom worked) so thanks to Gareth it all went pretty smoothly

Fingers crossed for our next meeting on July 16th – details here

What did you think? do virtual VMUGs work – even post-COVID is it something we should consider doing more often?

Also, is working again now 🙂


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