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HP ML115 G5 fans noisy following firmware upgrade


As part of my UK VMUG tour preparation I am rebuilding the vTARDIS to the GA build of vSphere, part of this required updating the firmware of my ML115 G5 server.

You can download the latest BIOS upgrade here (I had to use the USB key method) as I don’t have a compatible OS installed to allow the online ROM flash process.



Now if you do just this the fans will stay at 100% and it’s very noisy!

To fix this you need to install the following BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) upgrade

Upgrade BMC firmware


And that should sort it out

HP ML115 G5 Cheap Lab Servers going, going, going…


Just got this from ServersPlus – if you are thinking of building your own vTARDIS I would suggest you get in quick, I would assume the newer G6’es are coming but seem to be much more expensive and less ESX compatible based on Techhead’s view of the ML110 G6

Good morning,
I just wanted to let you know the latest info on the ever popular HP ML115 tower server which has landed back in stock with us today. The product has now been announced as end of life and will no longer be available after this last batch which HP have produced.
As a result, HP have also increased the cost price on the final shipments meaning that the lowest price we can offer them at is £249.95. Whilst I appreciate that this is quite a jump from the previous price, it is still by far the cheapest tower server available for its specification, and we still expect the final units to sell through quickly.
HP have announced that the ML115 will be replaced but cannot confirm any specs, prices or ETAs at this stage. Therefore, if you are interested in securing any of the last of the current model, I’d ask you to get in touch so that I can put them aside for you.


Ben Voce

Senior Account Manager

01977 739 014



Get them whilst they are hot!

HP Installable build of ESXi 4.0 Update 1 PSOD on an HP ML115 G5


If you have a supported HP server and you need to install ESXi either on a flash drive or a local HDD you should really download the HP-specific build from this link, rather than the one you would download from as it includes all the HP CIM providers to allow hardware monitoring – you don’t get those out of the box from VMware.

However, the ML115G5 that I have in my lab isn’t technically on the HP HCL for ESX4 however it works perfectly with ESX4 classic and the VMware-downloaded ESX4i build (as shown here)


When I try installing the HP-specific ESXi build on it I get a PSOD shortly after boot and it’s game-over.

Techhead is aware of this problem, and has a post on a workaround for retro-fitting the CIM agents to the standard VMware build in the pipeline, so for now just use the standard ESXi build from VMware if you have an ML11x for your lab – and bear in mind this isn’t a production system – it’s a lab – think twice if you are wanting to do this for real use – it’s technically unsupported.