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New Blogger –


Please Welcome Antony Joyce to the blogsphere, a fellow ioko colleague – he’s got a whole bunch of stuff to share around virtualization, clustering and Zeus ZXTM load balancers and has some good posts around configuring an HP EVA linky here

Cloud Computing Stack – formalised


Sam Johnston has an interesting article here where he’s attempted to formalise the cloud computing stack into something like the OSI model and has an associated wiki for contributions.

I’ve not come across Sam’s blog before before but a quick review shows that Sam has some interesting architectural discussions around cloud computing – check it out.

New Blog Furniture


Have been playing with a few new widgets, and I figured out how to add HTML code into the pages that hosts.

If you need to do it – just add a “Text” widget and then you can put any HTML code you like in that and it gets processed as part of the page load.

So, for now I’ve added clustrmaps – only takes a couple of mins – instructions here

I’ve also added Feedburner for my RSS feeds, I’ve seen a big spike in traffic to my blog over the last week


I’m trying to figure out where it is coming from…  the default stats (where this site is hosted) don’t really go into much more detail than number of hits; and it doesn’t seem to tally up with the search-engine results or click referrals – so maybe that will shed some light on it.

Otherwise pop a comment on this post and let me know what you find interesting and I’ll try to tailor some content around your needs, the How to deploy a virtual machine from a template seems to be the most popular post so far.


New Blade Blog


As Scott points out, Aaron has made a promising start with his new Blade focused blog*

Welcome, Aaron – I’ve already found something useful on your site and may need to rethink one of my blade deployment plans slightly!

*Edited 10/2/08 to update link for Aaron’s new URL