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Make Your own Offline Windows Update CD/DVD

What a handy tool; if you download the app you can select which Microsoft OS/Applications you need patches for and it will download them all via the Windows online catalog to a source directory and then compile a script to auto install them all – it will even generate a .ISO file and handle dependencies and reboots – v.handy (and more efficient) if you need to quickly present it to a bunch of virtual machines with no Internet access or are on a site with slow internet access.

Excellent; now as far as I know Microsoft have no mechanism for doing this other than downloading all the patches manually… even with the Vista RTM images I built last week it had nearly 100Mb of OS patches alone!

Screenshot of the available options in the app – download it here here (updated 14th Sept’09)

OS Updates – multi-language too


Office Suite Updates too


You can even get all the patches for everything and it will compile it into a DVD .ISO image – I’ll definitely be using this – hopefully you can use the info it downloads to slipstream update a vista .WIM image – will have to try that in a couple of weeks.

(original link from a post on slashdot)

5 responses to “Make Your own Offline Windows Update CD/DVD

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  3. Isaac September 9, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    The download link doesn’t work. Is there another one I can use instead?


  4. vinf September 14, 2009 at 9:17 am

    Updated download link – will adjust original post shortly–/features/112953

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